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Our hand-selected firewood is placed in a kiln and heated at 250 degrees for over 40 hours, providing the following benefits:

Lights Easily

With its low moisture content, our firewood lights easily and burns more efficiently than seasoned or green firewood.


A lower moisture content means less smoke and a cleaner fire for a better fireside experience. An added benefit is less creosote buildup in your chimney.

Pest free

The kiln-drying process kills pests and fungus and prevents mold, mildew and other undesirables. Our firewood can confidently be stored inside your home.

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BringS people together

Campfire Woodfuel offers us a chance to reflect, relax, and connect with others, and is the perfect antidote to our hurried pace. After all, a fire is not just a fire, it is an opportunity for social connection and a tool to build community. In fact, research shows that our conversations over a nighttime fire move away from our daily pressures and frustrations to stories of experiences and people...topics that stir our imaginations and help us remember our connections with others.
As a small business partner of the National Forest Foundation, a portion of every sale goes directly to planting trees in our National Forests, including those in Alabama: the Conecuh, Talladega, Tuskegee, and William B. Bankhead National Forests.

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